Our Service

Our Service

...and how Soul Rites can help

It's very simple. In the 21st century, the pace of life and our aims and aspirations have changed dramatically. Rites of passage give life meaning and structure in what can sometimes seem an endless stream of information. Choosing a professional celebrant is like having a Master of Ceremonies to help your day go smoothly. To remember the little personal touches, to provide support if things are stressful, and to create a meaningful ceremony that everyone will remember for years to come.


Naming ceremonies

...should be full of light and joy, but all too often end up with babies crying, and the politics between families taking centre stage. You celebrant will help you plan the day and find inventive ways to make everyone feel a part of the experience, possibly even giving you five minutes peace by cuddling a fractious child. A new life is a time of joy. If church is not for you, why not try something different? We will help your ideas become a perfect day.



Whether as part of a more traditional wedding or as a stand alone ceremony of commitment, our Wiccan High Priestess can tailor you a pagan ceremony with as much pomp and circumstance as you could wish for. Equally, something quiet and more private is just as possible. This is your day. Choose to make it the most memorable ever!




We can provide an experienced celebrant to help plan your funeral, write the service, and deliver the service at a venue of your choice anywhere in the UK.


We can speak to your funeral director, ensure they understand the needs of your particular belief, and work closely with them to make sure the day runs smoothly.






We are based in Glastonbury, Somerset at this time. We can travel anywhere in the UK to deliver our service (additional charges may apply). If this becomes cost prohibitive we can conceive and prepare a celebration for you to deliver yourself, and/or help you find a celebrant in your area.


We can provide all the extras such as incense or wine to make your ceremony as authentic and individual as you would wish.


All costs will be fully itemised in advance, in writing, so you know exactly what you are paying for.


To find out more call 07834 572911 or email soulritescelebrants@gmail.com for a truly personal service.


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