Krissy Elliott

Pagan priestess and celebrant of liminal rites

Krissy is an initiated Wiccan with over 30 years' experience of pagan practice, and a member of Silver Hearth coven. Over the years she has performed handfastings, namings, memorials and blessings across the UK.

She is also an ordained Deacon and novice priestess with the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, and presently dedicating herself to work with Hekate, Lady of the Crossroads and the Norse gods. 2017 has found her working more closely with the Christian church and a belief in the Universal love of Jesus Christ.

Living in Glastonbury, she has organised public rituals for the Day of the Dead, offering support to the bereaved, and has participated in public Gnostic Mass.

Her specialism is liminal rites, rites of passage which herald change, and for this reason being a funeral celebrant is close to her heart. Not only does it enable her to honour the dead as they pass from this world to the next, but also to honour the grief of those who remain, and help light the way for them as they move forward.

To be a part of any naming or pledging ceremony is a huge honour, and Krissy treats every client with the same levels of respect, regardless of any diversity. She is firmly committed to equal rites for everyone.


9 Old Bridge Close





Tel: 07834 572911

A celebrant helps to structure the day and make things happen when and how they should. This frees you to celebrate or grieve, party or pray, secure in the knowledge that whatever the occasion your wishes are being honoured.


For namings and pledges, this often means the celebrant needs to know a little of the family politics to enable things to run smoothly. Everything you tell us is kept CONFIDENTIAL and not divulged the third parties. Your celebrant works for YOU - and YOUR day deserves to be memorable for all the right reasons.


If you call us to help with a funeral, then the celebrant should make the day of the funeral as easy as possible for you. In conjunction with your chosen funeral director, their job is to plan ahead, ensure all your wishes are met, and ensure everything that is needed for the ceremony is prepared well in advance.


Funeral directors do not always have experience of the many different Pagan and alternative paths and your celebrant will speak to them to ensure they can show understanding and empathy for your needs, explaining your requirements and helping them to deliver your chosen funeral in the way you wish.


In a church, the celebrant would be the vicar or priest, who leads the service, guides the mourners, and sees everything runs smoothly. They deliver a eulogy about the life of a person and construct the ceremony so as many or as few people as you wish have the opportunity to speak about the deceased, read poems or simply just attend. At a pagan funeral, this is the job of your celebrant. We are with you every step of the way.

Your celebrant will provide everything that is needed to make the ceremony authentic and honour your beliefs.


This may include, but is not limited to:


* Altar equipment, ritual and symbolic items


* Incense, incense burners and candles


* Food and drink offerings to the gods as required or appropriate, with plates and cups as necessary to dispense them


* Ceremony scripts to enable guests to follow the form of the ceremony and join in if they feel able


The ceremony will be constructed in the way of that particular faith. For example, for a Wiccan funeral the elemental quarters may be called and the Charge of the Goddess read to bring energy into the venue and enable guests to "tune in" to the ceremonial aspects of the service. At a Norse ceremony, the room would be symbolically cleared with Thor's hammer before proceeding.


The celebrant will discuss your requirements at length either in person or by telephone, and give you a breakdown of the service in advance to ensure you are happy with how it will proceed.


At all times, the most important thing is that you have the service you want, and have as little to worry about on the day as possible.