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Man has the right to live by his

own law—

to live in the way that he wills to do:

to work as he will:

to play as he will:

to rest as he will:

to die when and how he will.

Welcome to SOUL RITES, where we hope to help you celebrate the life of your loved one in a special and unique way.

  • Personal service of an experienced celebrant
  • Individually tailored memorial or funeral service
  • All Pagan and alternative faiths reflected and respected - or no faith at all if you prefer
  • Working closely with your chosen funeral director to ensure the day runs smoothly
  • Accessories such as incense or offerings specially provided
  • Simple breakdown of costs available before booking
  • UK nationwide service available


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It can be very difficult to decide what's best at the funeral of even someone you have known all your life. A celebrant from Soul Rites will help and support you every step of the way.

From the day you choose us to be a part of this experience in your life, we will be on hand to support you. Whether it's choosing music, or flowers, or just a friendly text when it all seems difficult. Until it's all done, we will be there for you.


In the United Kingdom, at the time of writing, there are fewer burials, many of them "green" or woodland burials. Cremation is the most common type of funeral and there are many laws governing what is allowed to happen to your deceased relative or friend. Our celebrant will work closely with your funeral director to ensure you are fully aware of what it is possible to do, what it is lawful to do, and how to devise an alternative if your first thoughts are not possible.

Organising a Pagan or "alternative" funeral or memorial service is not an easy task. Often, many details are left to a funeral director or minister who will do their best to see the needs of the family are met in line with the wishes of the deceased loved one. At Soul Rites we can provide an experienced minister to create a unique service reflecting the spiritual needs of the living family and the deceased, with a personal service to support you through what can be a difficult time.

Funeral Choices

Your faith and that of the deceased can be honoured...


Wherever possible we would like to create a celebration of the life of a person who has died. If they believed in Norse gods, saw themselves as a witch, or were generally in tune with the earth or green issues, a service can be created to reflect their life choices.

Equally, if a person had no known beliefs, or did not go to church, or the family feel that "religion" is not for them, that's fine too.

Sometimes the family may not share beliefs, or simply may not be in a position to decide how best to reflects everyone's needs into a funeral. A balance can always be reached sensitively, to enable everyone to say goodbye in the way best suited to them.

A good celebrant will not hijack the day with their own beliefs, but spend time getting to understand the deceased and the family, to create a service or ritual which is the perfect farewell for them.



Unique touches

Creating an authentic experience in any setting...


Just as different churches have different orders of service, different belief paths have activities which are unique and these should be reflected in a memorial or funeral service. This might involve calling elemental quarters, banishing rituals, use of specialised incense and fire, or simply saying a specific prayer.

Some celebrants avoid specific faith paths, but at Soul Rites we celebrate diversity in belief. So a prayer to the Mother Goddess really can be in the same service as the Christian Lord's Prayer, if that's what you want.

Members of the deceased's family , or their friends, are invited to contribute and participate in the way best suited to them, including delivering parts of a ritual or service if they wish.